Public Speaker: The Inspiration for Your Event

Public Speaker: The Inspiration for Your Event

Public Speaker: The Inspiration for Your EventPublic Speaker: The Inspiration for Your EventPublic Speaker: The Inspiration for Your Event

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About Me

International Top Model


Only a few short years into my modeling career I found myself stomping the runway at the Vogue VH1 fashion awards for Ralph Lauren alongside supermodel Gisele Bundchen.  After that, I was catapulted into the thick of designer ad campaigns and the hollywood elite.  My life spiraled downward into the abyss of the fashion and entertainment lifestyle.  An industry that makes billions of dollars selling pipe dreams and false identity.  It was so...



It was here at the top of the dead end ladder I was disrupted forever.  Sitting in yet another exclusive night club VIP lounge, my destiny was about to change.  A jewish/born again former crack addict walks straight into the VIP and sits down next to me.  Wasting no time he tells me God appointed this introduction and proceeds to divulge his  prolific drug wars, and his relationship with King Jesus.  That night I went home and asked a question to an unknown God that would completely disrupt EVERYTHING I thought I knew.

The Cure


It is no surprise to me that my counterfeit  identity would be in the fashion world.  I had all the right qualifications.  Add to that a dose of vanity, pride, rebellion, and plain old ignorance and just follow the breadcrumbs!  I know first hand just how bad the identity crisis is we are facing today.  Just take a glance at social media and you will quickly see within the sea of selfies, duck faces, hair tousles, and a constant theme to "keep up with the Kardashians".  As an inspirational speaker it is my passion and privilege to share with youth of all ages what I have learned about identity crisis, its cause and its cure.  



Christian Schools

In this session I speak to the youth about false identity.  What it means and how we conform to one if we aren't careful to guard our hearts.  I talk about my personal testimony as a model and give stories and examples that relate to their current experiences when relating to the world.  I discuss true identity and how we find who we really are by developing a relationship with Jesus.  The importance of our purpose and design for the assignment He has for each one of us, and how very unique each one is.  Depending on time allotment I touch on comparison creating jealousy and how it stifles our own calling.  We are created with extreme uniqueness for a reason!!  I close with encouraging the youth to pursue their true identity and purpose and make that their life work.  This is a powerful session for tween and teen youth.


Corporate Conferences

 When speaking at corporate conferences I give a completely customized session.   Your true identity  and purpose unleashes you into victory!   When you are doing what you are purposed to do there is no sorrow.  You  can wake up every morning excited about going to work!  Companies will benefit by encouraging employees to work within their assignment.  When  organizations apply these principles to the hiring process it will spike productivity.  Handling employees who do not like what they do,  have no true identity or purpose are dredging through their day and are not productive which is a drain on the system.   Restructuring is far more cost effective in the long run.  This session is fine tuned and tailored for each individual organization after a phone interview.


Christian Conferences/Church

This session is for more mature audiences. I go  deeper into my testimony,    Remember that question I asked the night I went home?  In this exclusive session I share about the darkness that almost took my life, and every supernatural detail of how I came face to face with King Jesus.

Extremely motivational.


The Cure

Jesus IS the Cure


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Melanie McJannet Public Speaker

Texas, United States

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